Saving Money Through Having Choices

As a consumer living in the United States, I am always for having the freedom to choose between multiple services, service providers and products. I love having a choice more than I generally love the products themselves. Making a decision which saves me money is always accompanied by an immense feeling of satisfaction for making the right choices for my budget. When I moved to Texas I was completely and probably way too excited to learn that I could choose which energy provider I wanted thanks to I had found the site after trying to find the average cost of energy in Texas and it turned out to be one of the best utility websites I’ve yet to see. Continue reading “Saving Money Through Having Choices”

Started Looking for a New Place

Home Insurance – What You Need To KnowI think that I am ready to move on to a much nicer house. This one was always a project. I bought it and it looked as though it had been wrecked on purpose, which it had. Some guy had started out to do a total renovation, but after gutting it he had gotten side tracked some way or another and never finished the job. I had no clue how to buy a house at the time, but I figured out how to find the best home insurance in your state and after I had jumped through enough hoops the bank loaned me the little bit of money that I needed. It was not much, I know a lot of people who have a lot more in their car than I have in this house. Continue reading “Started Looking for a New Place”

Balance is Helpful for Any State’s Citizens

I really like the fact that our country is changing to something that equals balance, rather than the power sitting only in the hands of our government. None of us needs to see it change so much that every day citizens run amok, we just need to see simple balance. That is one of the reasons that I love the fact that we have the powertochoose who we get our electricity from in my state of Texas. For far too long, the state held the power when it came to this service, and none of us had any choice, but that has changed for the better.

A little over ten years ago, deregulation occurred, which makes it so that we are not forced to buy our utility service only from a government agency. Continue reading “Balance is Helpful for Any State’s Citizens”

It’s a Great Thing for Customers to Have Choices

I live in Texas, and I moved here after getting out of the military 10 years ago. In my home state, cost of living was lower than it is here. But at some point, I learned that people in many other states have a choice of who to go with for utilities and much more so that they can compare prices. We didn’t have that power for a very long time, but we do and can look that info with the help of a very helpful website these day.

Where I used to live, I could make a choice between three different places to get phone service from. I could also choose from three separate companies to get my electricity from. Continue reading “It’s a Great Thing for Customers to Have Choices”

Branding the Idea is Easy

Being able to buy twitter retweets has been a huge boon for my small business. From the ground up I have built a business model with almost no experience in the industry beyond the contacts that I had – friends and friends of friends who I’ve been able to depend on to provide the entertainment that is bought from me. With early fifty contacts that are strictly performers – poi, acrobatics, DJs and so on, I realized that I had something at my disposal that I could profit from while helping them find work in the same stroke.

Thus, Streetlight Prophet Promotions was born. With the goal of helping both my friends and myself find a measure of success, I began to build this idea from nothing but a Twitter and Facebook profiles which slowly expanded to incorporated LinkedIn and Tumblr. Continue reading “Branding the Idea is Easy”

Best Courses for Pasma Training

Chow Chow Pictures, Information, Care Requirements and Other Dog ...I own a company that makes use of these portable access maintenance platforms fairly frequently for various jobs and repair work, and it occurs to me that my employees are not properly trained to use this equipment, at least, in terms of safety training. I feel like that could be a potential liability for the company, and as such, I would like to get all of my employees trained in the near future. I am looking for information on pasma courses and how much they tend to cost.

I hope that they are not too expensive, but I am sure that if there were to be a significant accident, and my employees did not have the training, then the liability could be a lot more expensive than getting this training done. Continue reading “Best Courses for Pasma Training”